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seulement pour toi

Although your presence,
Is in but pixels.
You somehow manage
To make my heart beat,
Faster than it ever has before.

The day cannot arrive
Soon enough, when
Your presence is no longer
Merely pixels on a screen,
But atoms I can touch.

Then you can see;
You can finally see
How my heart beats,
Faster than it ever has before:
Seulement pour toi.


I’ve never felt at home,
In the home said to be mine.
Home to me has always been an entity,
Not a feeling.

But you taught me that words,
Can have more than one meaning.
That a home,
Doesn’t have to be but an entity.

You taught me that a home,
Is where unconditional love lies.
That a home is not tangible,
But an unbreakable bond.

Now your smile,
Has become my smile.
And your dreams,
Have become my dreams.

And so my home is no longer an entity,
But a person I cherish.
For when we fell in love,
I realized that I finally came home.


What if this is all a coincidence,
And two worlds collided into one.
What if I only found you,
Because your world became one with mine.

What if your world,
Had never collided with mine.
But another world,
With which we would never be.

Maybe you were never meant to be mine...

Or maybe this is fate.


rainbow daisies

rainbow daisies
on the window sill.
each pretty petal,
a part of its love.

he loves me…

a star in the sky,
akin to my moon.
an iridescent gleam,
may we dance?

he loves me not…

a hand in mine,
the daisies in bloom,
the stars up above,
this must be love.

he loves me.

my star

how magical they can be
their luminescence faintly on my skin
never ending in the sky

one star is all it took
to enchant my mind and soul
to inhabit my thoughts

the star soon became mine
and mine alone to love and cherish
for the star shines just for me

my star.
that’s you <3

100 reasons why i love you <3

1. you have the prettiest twinkly eyes
2. your smile makes me feel at home
3. the way you look at me makes my heart skip a beat
4. the way you hold me makes me feel safe
5. you give me the best back cracks
6. your hair. enough said
7. you make me feel comfortable in my own skin
8. you’re willing to play a game with me as many times as it takes for me to win
9. you’re fine with my clinginess
10. you’re proud to show me off
11. you accept me as i am
12. you love me unconditionally
13. you always offer me food and never steal mine
14. you like listening to me talk
15. you let me rant about anything that bothers me
16. you support me through everything
17. you try to help me be my best
18. you never try to change me
19. you let me act like a spoiled brat
20. you inspire me to try new things
21. you push me to reach my goals
22. you’re incredibly sweet to me
23. you tease me in the most infuriating way
24. you never let me talk down on myself
25. you make me feel heard
26. you give me as many cuddles and kisses as i ask for (working towards a million kisses)
27. you share your passions with me
28. you’re always willing to help me
29. you help me with code
30. you offered to teach me how to drum
31. you teach me without making me feel stupid
32. you share your music with me
33. you get so excited about random little things
34. you appreciate the things i do no matter how big or small
35. you always go to me first about anything
36. you love me and only me
37. the way you make me feel is nothing like i’ve ever felt before
38. i can see my forever with you
39. we’ve already planned our lives together
40. you smell incredible
41. you are considerate and accommodate me
42. you are interested in my life
43. you let me spill so much tea
44. you gossip with me all the time
45. you are always honest with me
46. you work so hard towards your goals
47. you’re so talented (how are you good at everything??)
48. you are respectful
49. you’re nice to my sister and joke around with her
50. you get along with my brother
51. you wish me a good morning and good night every day
52. you text me all day like it’s one ongoing conversation
53. you aren’t embarrassed of me
54. you don’t actually judge me no matter what i do
55. you never make me feel bad about being myself
56. you never let me feel anything less than beautiful
57. you are confident and alluring
58. you share your insecurities with me
59. you always compliment me
60. you call me cute and adorable relentlessly
61. i have been happier ever since i chose to be yours
62. you always make a wish at 11:11 that has to do with me
63. you remind me to take care of myself
64. you care about me
65. you aren’t afraid of the future
66. you let me hold your hand or your finger whenever i want
67. you squeeze my hands when i feel anxious
68. you give me the warmest hugs that make my heart feel whole
69. you pick me up and spin me around until i’m giggling
70. nothing will stop you from loving me
71. you are always unapologetically yourself
72. you try to have fun in every situation
73. i know i can always rely on you
74. you understand me and who i am
75. you don’t play with my heart
76. you are always positive
77. you always tell me how beautiful or pretty i am
78. you let me be extra and obnoxious
79. you find it cute when i go uwu mode (unleashing my inner aegyo)
80. you try your best to cheer me up
81. i know that you will never, ever break my heart
82. you respect me and my boundaries
83. you never try to rush me
84. you make sure i’m always comfortable before doing anything
85. you aren’t jealous
86. you never get tired of me
87. you’re friends with my friends
88. you have nice hands :)
89. i can trust you with my entire life
90. you have the weirdest yet funniest humor
91. you always know how to make me smile
92. you don’t hide me from your friends and family
93. you send me cute songs that remind you of me
94. you give me a new reason to love you every day
95. you stay up late with me
96. we have the same brain, literally, it’s creepy
97. you choose to love me again every day
98. i’m able to develop further in my life with you by my side
99. i get to call you mine forever
100. you are you, the most perfect boy in the world

love letter menu

hello my favorite person ever,

i’ve never actually written one of these so bear with me as i try to come up with the right words…

recently i’ve found myself twiddling my thumbs while smiling at my phone or making playlists and lovingly admiring the star charm on my bracelet or the little photo of you i keep in my phone case. something about the thought of you is ever so endearing and irreplaceable, that same thing being the exact reason i fell in love with you. sure, there are many many reasons i love you with my whole heart, but the reason i fell in love with you is much more dear to my heart.

i intend to write you lots more of these, so i don’t want to run out of words, but i do want you to know that the minute you entered my life you have changed it and made me the best i can be, and i adore you for that. you have the most beautiful soul without even knowing it. that is the biggest reason i fell in love with you, and i truly know in my heart that i can never love someone else in this world as much as i love you.

you are my entire universe, my shining star in the sky. the sun to my moon <3

i love you forever and ever more

yours truly

dear my love,

i have always been a hopeless romantic, you know this about me and it’s the one thing that makes me want to live through every day of life. if it were up to me, all i want to do in life is love and be loved, nothing is more important.

i remember back at the end of april, i had hit a low point in my life. i almost entirely lost my hope in love, thinking that it’s too painful to truly exist… but one day in the early beginnings of may, we had crossed paths and converged those paths into one. you may call it luck or coincidence, but i simply just call it fate. you showed up again in my life and saved me without even knowing it. you taught me how to love, you showed me what true love is, and you became the sole reason i know what it feels like to truly be head over heels in love.

you held my hand in the dark and led me to a field of sunflowers and dandelions, illuminated in the twinkling starlight. you lit up my world and touched my heart in the most beautiful way possible, and i can never repay you for how much pure happiness that has given me.

your future wife

our places <3

our songs <3

yes i know i use spotify

days since…

i’ve been able to call you mine

    we said “i love you”